Wallace has an undeniably unique soulful, sultry voice that is reminiscent of Eartha Kitt and the like. Not only is Wallace’s’ voice magnetic, but so is her personality being so grounded and humble that her amicable nature is indicative of the new generation of musician.
— — Warren Maxwell (Trinity Roots, The Little Bushmen, Fat Freddy's Drop)
Wallace’s rich stretchy vocals pirouette through the textured music making it breathe future soul
— Estère (beatmaker, producer and artist NZ)
I love her voice. It’s smooth, rich and very expressive
— Louis Baker (artist NZ)

Future soul singer and songwriter Wallace Gollan’s musicality is as deep, complex, rapturous and compelling as the dark ocean that stretches across from her origins of Wellington, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia where Wallace now resides. 

Wallace resonated with music at a young age with a background in traditional jazz, a father whose heavy penchant for blues influenced Wallace’s own musical inflection, and a natural gravitational pull towards hip hop and soul. Wallace’s music is an exciting mosaic combination of the aforementioned genres. She creates music in spaces unfamiliar, addresses silences with harmonies so detailed it is simple and expressive that words are not needed to understand her message. She possesses a type of sound others have labeled in the vein of Erykah Badu, Little Dragon or Carmen McRae.

What sets her apart is her unique voice. Wallace applies her multi-award winning jazz trained licks and intonation to create a rich layer of distinct harmonies causing heads to turn in mid motion. You know that type of artist who forces you to stop and pay attention? She's that type of artist. Her vocals dance in and around an exclamation mark, leaps above a full stop, and curtsies upon a question mark.

Some of Wallace’s most notable achievements to date are the numerous awards she has won at New Zealand’s prestigious National Youth Jazz Competition held annually in Tauranga. She won ‘Most Outstanding Musician’ and ‘Most Outstanding Vocalist’ (Judged by Tom Warrington, Larry Koonse and Joe La Barbera) her band also took out ‘Best Combo’. In her final year of high school Wallace attended The Jazz Workshop Sydney and received a scholarship to return again, free of charge, the following year. The second time around she took out the top scholarship and the chance to record. Wallace also won the ‘Best Vocalist’ award at the Queenstown International Jazz Festival and has also played at numerous festivals around New Zealand with Rodger Fox and other top Kiwi Musicians.

For Wallace, the creative process is freedom – it is magical. She loses herself in story telling - a feeling she would like to pass on to her listeners. 

With a contagious smile, a humble personality and a rare name to begin with, Wallace Gollan is set to make some serious heads turn in the music industry.